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Houseboy Arrested After Allegedly Killing Madam and Stealing Her Car in Viral Video

September 15, 2023

“Breaking News: Houseboy, employed just 2 weeks ago, captured after shocking murder of his employer and stealing her car. Watch the viral video that led to his eventual arrest.”

John Alister recruited as a houseboy through which agency?

The 22-year-old houseboy, John Alister, was recruited through a Kumasi-based agency called M&B Jobs. This agency specializes in providing domestic workers such as houseboys, cleaners, and other household staff to clients in need of assistance. They have a database of individuals looking for employment and connect them with potential employers.

M&B Jobs takes the responsibility of screening and vetting the candidates before recommending them to their clients. They verify their qualifications, conduct background checks, and ensure that they have a good track record. Their aim is to provide reliable and trustworthy domestic workers who can efficiently carry out their duties.

Responsibilities of John Alister as a houseboy

  • Cleaning the house: As a houseboy, one of John Alister’s main responsibilities would be to keep the house clean and tidy. This includes dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, and maintaining overall cleanliness.
  • Running errands: He may also be required to run various errands for his employer such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or delivering packages.
  • Performing personal chores: John Alister might assist his employer with personal chores like laundry, ironing clothes, making beds, and organizing closets or wardrobes.
  • Caring for pets: If his employer has any pets like dogs or cats, he might be responsible for feeding them, taking them for walks or grooming them.
  • Assisting with meal preparation: Depending on his skills in the kitchen, he might help with basic meal preparation like chopping vegetables or setting the table.

Details of phone call between Princess Afia and her friend before alleged murder

Princess Afia, the victim of the alleged murder, was reportedly on a phone call with a female friend before the incident took place. According to her friend, during the call, she heard Princess ask, “What is that you are holding?” followed by Princess screaming, “He has killed me” in Twi (a local Ghanaian language).

The call abruptly ended after Princess’s scream, and her friend tried to reach her again but couldn’t get through as the phone had been switched off. This phone call provides a glimpse into the final moments before the tragic incident occurred.

Possible involvement of John Alister in previous criminal activities

There are reports suggesting that John Alister may have been involved in previous criminal activities. According to a Facebook post by someone named Kwedu Genelord, investigations into John Alister’s background revealed that he had previously run away with a large sum of money from an employer who hired him as a mobile money vendor. This indicates a pattern of dishonest behavior and raises suspicions about his intentions and actions.

Further inquiries and investigations will be conducted to gather more evidence and determine if John Alister had any prior involvement in criminal activities. These findings could potentially shed light on his motives for allegedly committing murder and theft.

Location where Princess Afia’s body has been deposited

Location where Princess Afia

After Princess Afia’s tragic death, her body has been deposited at the morgue. The specific location of the morgue where her body is being held has not been disclosed in the available information. However, standard protocol dictates that deceased individuals are usually taken to a local hospital or forensic facility equipped with morgue facilities for further examination and preservation until necessary procedures, such as autopsies or identification processes, can be carried out.

In this case, the police and relevant authorities will be closely involved in the investigation and handling of Princess Afia’s body. They will work to gather evidence, conduct an autopsy, and ensure proper identification before her remains are released to her family for burial or other funeral arrangements.

Circumstances surrounding Maadwoa’s death revealed

In a separate incident, a Ghanaian lady named Maadwoa was tragically killed by her boyfriend in Ashanti Region. Reports indicate that there was a heated argument between Maadwoa and her boyfriend due to suspicions of infidelity. The argument escalated quickly, resulting in a tragic ending.

Unfortunately, further details about the circumstances surrounding Maadwoa’s death have not been provided in the available information. It is a devastating event that highlights the dangers of domestic disputes and the importance of addressing conflicts through peaceful means.

Possible involvement of John Alister in previous criminal activities

Further investigation into the case of John Alister, the 22-year-old houseboy accused of killing his employer and stealing her car, has revealed possible involvement in previous criminal activities. According to social media reports by a user named Kwedu Genelord, Alister had a history of running away with large sums of money from a previous employer who had hired him as a mobile money vendor. This raises questions about Alister’s motive and whether this tragic incident was premeditated.

Previous criminal record

According to Kwedu Genelord’s Facebook post, John Alister had previously betrayed the trust placed in him by running away with a significant amount of capital while working as a mobile money vendor. This suggests that Alister may have a propensity for dishonesty and raises concerns about his character.

Background checks

The authorities should conduct thorough background checks on individuals before allowing them into people’s homes and businesses. In this case, it appears that the agency responsible for hiring Alister did not adequately vet him or verify his previous employment history. Implementing stricter screening procedures could help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Location where Princess Afia’s body has been deposited

Location where Princess Afia

After the tragic murder of Princess Afia, her body has been transferred to the morgue pending further investigation and autopsy. The police have taken charge of the case and are working tirelessly to bring justice to the victim and her family.

Morgue identification process

Once at the morgue, Princess Afia’s body will undergo an identification process to confirm her identity beyond any doubt. This process typically involves fingerprinting, dental records comparison, and DNA testing if necessary to ensure accurate identification.

Family notification and support

The police will notify Princess Afia’s family about the location of her body and provide them with necessary support during this difficult time. They will also keep the family informed about the ongoing investigation and any developments that may arise.

Circumstances surrounding Maadwoa’s death revealed

The tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Maadwoa have come to light following investigations in the Ashanti Region. It was discovered that Maadwoa, a young Ghanaian lady, was killed by her boyfriend during a heated argument fueled by suspicions of infidelity.

Domestic violence incident

The incident occurred at Adum in Kumasi, where tensions escalated between Maadwoa and her boyfriend. The argument escalated into physical violence, resulting in Maadwoa’s untimely death. This case highlights the serious issue of domestic violence within relationships and calls for increased awareness and prevention efforts.

Justice for Maadwoa’s family

The police are working diligently to ensure that justice is served for Maadwoa and her grieving family. The perpetrator responsible for this heart-wrenching crime must be held accountable for their actions and face the full extent of the law.

Suspicions arise over Patience Quay’s death in office

Suspicions arise over Patience Quay

In a shocking turn of events, the body of Patience Quay was discovered two days after she left for work at Twumasiwaa General Hospital and Special Medical Centre, where she worked as a cashier. Her mysterious death has raised suspicions among her family members, who believe foul play may be involved.

Lack of staff awareness

One puzzling aspect of this case is the apparent lack of awareness among Patience Quay’s coworkers. It is unusual for no one to notice her absence or inquire about her well-being when she failed to show up for work. This raises concerns about the work environment and organizational practices at the hospital.

Investigation into possible foul play

The police have launched an investigation into Patience Quay’s death to determine the cause and whether any criminal activity occurred. They will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding her death, including conducting interviews with colleagues and reviewing any available surveillance footage.

Togbe Gadefia: Who is he and what did he do to Rakia Huseini?

Togbe Gadefia, a fetish priest, made headlines after launching a violent attack on his ex-girlfriend, Rakia Huseini. This shocking incident occurred when Togbe Gadefia learned that Rakia was planning to marry another man, triggering his rage and resulting in severe injuries inflicted upon her.

Fetish priest’s reaction to heartbreak

Togbe Gadefia’s violent response to his ex-girlfriend’s decision highlights the dangerous consequences of unresolved emotions and heartbreak. His actions serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues, seeking help when needed, and promoting healthy coping mechanisms.

<h3.criminal against="" charges="" gadefia

Following the attack, Togbe Gadefia turned himself in to the police, leading to his subsequent arrest. The authorities are now working on pressing charges against him and ensuring that Rakia Huseini receives the justice and support she deserves.

Police arrest Togbe Gadefia after attacking Rakia Huseini: How it happened?

Police arrest Togbe Gadefia after attacking Rakia Huseini: How it happened?

The arrest of Togbe Gadefia, the fetish priest who attacked Rakia Huseini, unfolded in a series of events that led to his apprehension by the police.

<h3.reported assault

Rakia Huseini reported the assault to the police immediately after Togbe Gadefia attacked her. Her swift action allowed law enforcement to take immediate steps towards ensuring her safety and holding the perpetrator accountable for his actions.

<h3.togbe gadefia's="" h3="" self-surrender

Togbe Gadefia, overwhelmed by guilt or fear of the consequences, turned himself in to the authorities shortly after committing the crime. This surrender facilitated a swift resolution to the case and allowed for a more efficient investigation into his actions.

<h3.investigation and="" arrest

The police conducted a thorough investigation into the incident, gathering evidence and taking statements from both Rakia Huseini and Togbe Gadefia. Based on their findings, they proceeded to arrest Togbe Gadefia and initiate legal proceedings against him for his violent assault on Rakia Huseini.

In a shocking and tragic incident, a houseboy who was employed just two weeks ago has been arrested for the murder of his employer, along with stealing her car. The arrest comes after a viral video circulated online, capturing the suspect fleeing the crime scene. This incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of thorough background checks and caution when hiring domestic help.

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